Near Venue Accomodations

  • Below is tentative tarrif list for hotels
  • All hotels listed below are within 2-3 kms from the PGI, conference venue
  • Please contact hotel premises to confirm availability and booking charges
S.No Hotel Name Single occupancy Double occupancy Deluxe Standard Deluxe Double Suite
1. Hotel Mount view Rs 5000/- (Incl taxes) Rs 5500/- (incl taxes)   Rs 5753/- (incl taxes) Rs 12480/- (incl taxes)
2. Hotel Shivalik view Rs 3776/- (Incl taxes)  (Standard) Rs 4342/- (Incl taxes) (Standard) Rs 4720/- (Incl taxes) Rs 5286/- (Incl taxes)    
3. Hotel Park view Rs.2318 (Incl taxes) Rs.2318 (Incl taxes) Rs.2789 (Incl taxes) Rs.2789 (Incl taxes)  
4. JW Marriott Hotel Varies from 10,000/- to  11,000/- (Incl taxes)
5 Taj Chandigarh Rs 8500/- onwards
6. Hotel Sunbeam Rs 3000/- (Incl taxes) Rs 3500/- (Incl taxes)      
7. The Piccadily Hotel Rs 3500/- (Incl taxes) Rs 4500/- (Incl taxes)      
8. The Aroma Hotel Rs 2900/- (Incl taxes) Rs 3300/- (Incl taxes)      
9. Hotel Aquamarine (Branch of Aroma) Rs 3630/- (Incl taxes) Rs 4070/- (Incl taxes)      
(All are inclusive of complimentary breakfast and free wi-fi)